wxBeep Network Library
Last updated: 18/05/07

About wxBeep

The wxBeep library is a C++ implementation of the Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (BEEP) over TCP, and is intended to be a network application toolkit for developers using the wxWidgets framework. The library essentially offers a request-response programming abstraction and the ability to multiplex pluggable services over a single TCP connection. BEEP is a generic application protocol kernel that provides the structure and mechanisms commonly required by protocol designers, things like: packet framing, channeling, flow control, and session tuning are taken care of in a BEEP library. BEEP is defined in RFC 3080 and RFC 3081. For information resources on BEEP, visit the community site.

Source Code

0.5.1 Pre-release

Checkout: svn co http://wxbeep.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/wxbeep wxbeep

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